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Note: All prices in British Pounds
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Arundel Climbing Frame Without Swing ArmArundel Climbing Frame Without Swing ArmArundel Climbing Frame Set is a complete high quality wooden climbing frame at the cost of a metal one. Excellent value for money.
Arundel Twin TowersArundel Twin TowersArundel Twin Towers is one of our most popular climbing frames because of its fantastic price. This climbing frame is unequelled in its featurs, design and price.
Carisbrooke Climbing FrameCarisbrooke Climbing FrameCarisbrooke Climbing Frame is an action packed climbing frame with unique features appealing to both toddlers and teenagers. The unique tunnel offers a gateway to adventures, stimulating the imagination, offering a place to hide, shelter or sleep away a warm afternoon. The asault course includes a full height climbing wall and scramble net for challenge for older children.
Gate Lodge Climbing FrameGate Lodge Climbing FrameGate Lodge Climbing Frame is a wooden playhouse and climbing frame in one! A great getaway space for teenagers or a playhouse for little ones combined with climbing, swinging and sliding features.
Monkey Bars with slideMonkey Bars with slideMonkey Bars with slide offers a great cllimbing challenge for older children. Also available without slide.
Monmouth Climbing FrameMonmouth Climbing FrameAn extended Climbing Frame designed to provide for a wide age range. The larger platform and wooden staircase encourages easier access by very young children.
Monmouth Twin TowersMonmouth Twin TowersMonmouth Twin Towers is an imposing climbing frame offering excellent play value and sturdy construction.
York Climbing Frame SetYork Climbing Frame SetYork Climbing Frame Set is perfect for younger children. It offers muliple platforms allowing them to easily hide and climb up inside. The wide variety of access methods gives excellent play value.