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Cottage Croquet SetCottage Croquet SetThis small sized set is ideal for the small garden and perfect for adult beginners, children and general family play. The 4 hardwood mallets are 32.5 inches long with slightly smaller than standard heads. The set contains 4 full sized but slightly light weight balls to match the mallets, and 6 steel hoops, a hardwood winning post, and a set of rules. This croquet set comes packed in a choice of either a solid pine storage box with latches and rope handles or a zip fastening nylon bag with
Cricket SetCricket Set
Funday RacingFunday RacingA fantastic game incorporating a selection of School Sports Day races promoting competitiveness, team work and most importantly FUN! Decide the design and length of your race course. Play individually or as part of a team and award points to 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. Full of fun and action to get anyone aged over 3 years going!
Garden DartsGarden DartsOn Target uses 3 traditional 'Frisbee' style flying discs and adds skill and competition with a giant target to aim for. Players take turns to throw 3 flying discs from a distance, aiming to land them on the large 3 m diameter target mat.
Giant Chess MatGiant Chess MatAn alternative chess board for the giant sets. 3m square. It is economical and easy to take up and put down. Supplied in a plastic bag.
Giant Chess PiecesGiant Chess PiecesThe classic set, impressive and practical. All weather pieces that come in two sections to allow them to be filled with water or sand to weight them. Pieces stand between 43cms and 64cms tall. Bas diameter 24cms. Supplied in two strong unprinted cardboard boxes
Giant Draughts Giant Draughts The Giant version of draughts, as a stand alone game or a complement to the Giant Chess Set. 24 pieces with queening rods, base diameter 25cms.
Giant Lawn Friendly BoardGiant Lawn Friendly BoardA plastic lawn friendly board to go with the Giant Chess Set (801) or the Giant Draughts Set (805). 64 open mesh tiles which clip together to form the board which then allow the grass to grow and breath. Supplied in a strong cardboard unprinted shipping box.
Hoppin MadHoppin MadBuilding on the popularity for everything 1970's, this game takes the classic Space Hopper and turns it in to a fiercely competitive game. Players compete against friends on these 3 adult sized space hoppers for racing in the garden. Designed in bright colours: red, green and yellow, each hopper is also named to inspire fierce rivalry between competitors; Daredevil, Psycho and Hotshot.
HurlinghamHurlinghamA superbly made traditional style croquet set with regulation balls and hoops. Hurlingham Mallets with cylindrical brass round heads and an inlaid sighting line. 36 inches long and weighing 2lb 10 oz. Composite balls weighing 1lb with a 3 and 5/8 inch diameter. 6 x 1/2 inch iron hoops, hoop mallet, centre peg and colour book of rules and tactics. Coloured metal clips. All packed in a solid pine storage box with brass plated latches and rope handles. 4 player version.
Lawn CroquetLawn CroquetA fun introductory croquet set, with 4 brightly coloured wooden mallets and balls, sized perfectly for children so the whole family can play. Each set includes 6 x metal croquet hoops, a wooden winning post, and a set of rules. All packed in a zip-fastening carry bag.
Longworth 6 Player Croquet SetLongworth 6 Player Croquet Set
Longworth Croquet SetLongworth Croquet SetAn excellent value, full sized 4 player croquet set, probably the cheapest full sized set available. Includes 4 high quality, full sized, natural hard wood mallets with leather bound handles, full sized 12 oz balls, steel hoops, hoop mallet, corner flags and pegs, plastic clips, hardwood winning post, and rules. All packed in a zip fastening nylon bag, with shoulder strap for portability.
Not Just CricketNot Just CricketWhether you want to have some fun with the kids or whilst entertaining friends and family, this pack of three well loved games; Football, Cricket and Badminton are all featured in a wonderful canvas carry bag! Either in the garden or during a trip to the coast; this set is transportable and ideal for family and friends on the move! Includes; 1 x Football and pump 1 x Cricket set 1 x Badminton set
QuoitsQuoitsThe classic traditional garden game, which has proven popularity and continues to sell in massive quantities. A simple game of skill and accuracy, where all the family can compete on equal terms. Contains 5 hardwood screw in pegs, painted red and green base and 4 real rope quoits. A superb low cost fun game that you will find will sell very well. Packed in a colourful retail display box.
Rounders SetRounders Set
Sack RaceSack RaceRelive schooldays by racing in our specially designed adult sized potato sacks. Each of the 5 sacks in the pack is brightly coloured and named for added rivalry: Fireball, Dozy, Fever, Wired and Mad Dog. Who in your team will be Dozy? Who is the Mad Dog? Each sack measures 45 inches high and 30 inches wide, so will fit adults and children allowing racing fun for the whole family.
Standard ChessStandard ChessOur smaller chess set is perfect for the smaller garden and retails very well. The set comes complete with a 1.2m playing mat. Pieces are in one section and stand between 20cms and 25cms tall. The piece base diameter is 9.5cms. The plastic pieces are packed in a colourful compact colour box making this set ideal for retail display.
Townsend Croquet SetTownsend Croquet SetThe best value full sized boxed set available. This full sized 4 player croquet set contains 4 hardwood mallets with solid ash shafts and leather bound handles, full sized 16oz plastic balls, steel hoops, hoop mallet, corner flags and pegs, plastic clips, hardwood winning post and rules. Packed in a solid pine storage box with latches and rope handles. The wooden box makes this an excellent gift set for the whole family.
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