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Big 4 LOW STOCKBig 4 LOW STOCKOur smart wooden game of BIG 4 stands at 1.2m tall and 1.2m wide and is painted dark green with plastic playing counters in red and yellow. Very colourful. A giant version of the table top game, requiring skill, strategy and a sharp eye as players aim to get 4 counters in a row, whilst stopping the opponent. Big 4 is low in price and big in size, a top selling game. Packed in a strong cardboard box with colour label.
UP 4 IT - giant connect 4 gameUP 4 IT - giant connect 4 gameThe official Hasbro Giant Connect 4 game. This game requires strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck. Players take turns to drop counters into the frame to try to form a line of 4 and at the same time stop their opponent. Standing at 1.1 metres tall and strikingly colourful, this game makes a huge impact and is an excellent focal point for any games display. Made from tough, hardwearing plastic for a long gaming life. Packed in a strong cardboard box with colourful label.