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Giant Chess & Draughts

Giant Chess & Draughts

 Giant Garden Chess  

Giant Chess and Draughts for the garden are great games for all the family.  They will keep you all entertained for hours on end.

We also have a large range of other Giant Garden Games so be sure to check out all of our pages.  If you have any questions on any of our giant games or outdoor games please contact us and we will do our best to help.  

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Giant Chess MatGiant Chess MatAn alternative chess board for the giant sets. 3m square. It is economical and easy to take up and put down. Supplied in a plastic bag.
Giant Chess PiecesGiant Chess PiecesThe classic set, impressive and practical. All weather pieces that come in two sections to allow them to be filled with water or sand to weight them. Pieces stand between 43cms and 64cms tall. Bas diameter 24cms. Supplied in two strong unprinted cardboard boxes
Giant Draughts Giant Draughts The Giant version of draughts, as a stand alone game or a complement to the Giant Chess Set. 24 pieces with queening rods, base diameter 25cms.
Giant Lawn Friendly BoardGiant Lawn Friendly BoardA plastic lawn friendly board to go with the Giant Chess Set (801) or the Giant Draughts Set (805). 64 open mesh tiles which clip together to form the board which then allow the grass to grow and breath. Supplied in a strong cardboard unprinted shipping box.
Standard ChessStandard ChessOur smaller chess set is perfect for the smaller garden and retails very well. The set comes complete with a 1.2m playing mat. Pieces are in one section and stand between 20cms and 25cms tall. The piece base diameter is 9.5cms. The plastic pieces are packed in a colourful compact colour box making this set ideal for retail display.