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Arundel Twin Towers
Note: All prices in British Pounds
Arundel Twin Towers

Arundel Twin Towers

Arundel Twin Towers
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Arundel Twin Towers is one of our most popular climbing frames because of its fantastic price. This climbing frame is unequelled in its features, design and price.

It's flexible layout allows it ot fit into a long narrow garden or fomr a more compact U shaped design.

2 x 90cm (3ft) sqaure wooden towers 32.m high
2 x Wooden Roofs
2 x 90cm (3ft) square wooden platforms 1.5m high
Wooden climbing rungs
Commando net
Double Swing Arm 3.5m long
Extra Swinghanger for additional accesories
2 x adjustable wooden seats
3m (10ft) greeb wavy slide
Sandpit with two seats
1.6 (63") long Clatterbridge
Wooden Staircase specially designed for little legs

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